Beginning Sabar

West African Traditional Sabar: Come learn to dance Sabar with all the components: Bara Mbaye, Cebbu jen, Serrere, kaoulack, and Baack. This class will quickly help you understand the Sabar of Senegal--its rhythms, its footwork, and its highly energetic passion!

Thursday 6:30-7:30 9/5/19-10/31/19 at The Dance Complex (536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge)

Thursday 7:30-9:00 11/7/19-2/27/20 at The Dance Complex (536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge)

West Afro Beat Dance Training

Drawing inspiration from West African Dance, West Afro Beat Dance Training was created by Papa Sy to help get you in shape through a combination of unique dance moves. West Afro Beat Dance Training helps increase flexibility, endurance, and cardiovascular stamina all while giving you a burst of energy!

Tuesday 6:00-7:30 ongoing at Studio 550 (550 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge)

Contemporary West African

Papa Sy teaches Métisse-dance (hybrid-dance), a style of Contemporary West African dance which melds traditional Senegalese dance techniques with contemporary styles. Though original choreography set to music from Youssou N'Dour and other contemporary Senegalese musicians, the class will focus on ripple, contraction, weight, trajectory, pace, and breath. As a founding graduate of Germaine Acogny's famed cole des Sables school in Senegal and company member of Jant-Bi, Papa Sy has gone on to choreograph in collaboration with others such as Susanne Linke, renowned German dancer and choreographer of Tanztheater. This class welcomes both recreational and professional dancers.

(Not currently running publicly)


Papa Sy is also available for private hire in any of the above classes, or related work in coaching and/or choreography.