Pasy Naay Leer Dance Company

Boston, MA

Pasy Naay Leer Dance Company


Led by choreographer Papy Sy, Pasy Dance Company aims to develop new works in a narrative style. The company uses traditional West African movement paired with contemporary vocabulary to reach new audiences in festivals, performances, and workshops. Papa Sy is interested in how to use the body as an instrument to best adapt to new movement styles and qualities, and he works with his dancers in rehearsal to investigate this process. The company is currently developing a revitalized version of his 45-minute piece Kanassu with the assistance of a Next Steps for Boston Dance grant. This piece will be performed in Fall 2019 at the Boston Center for the Arts.


NEXT UP: We are truly excited and honored to perform alongside a tour de force of black artistry in Boston at #HellaBlack at the Boston Center for the Arts. This event aims to lift up the many intersections of blackness through dance, music, spoken word and visual art. Proving once again that black art matters.

#HellaBlack BCA Mixtape Vol. 2

Saturday, September 21 @ 8pm, BCA Plaza Theatre

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